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Tracing rasters outlines with GDAL

Back to this set of GDAL tools, that I’ve talked about previously.

gdal_trace_outline is an easy way of producing image footprint polygons, which will work with irregular shaped images and images which are projected to a non regular shape. So to trace an image and produce a shapefile outline polygon (in this case using a Landsat scene):

gdal_trace_outline -ndv 0 -out-cs en -dp-toler 10 -ogr-out outline.shp [in image]

Trace outline example

The green boundary is the output, outline.shp.

With an image such as this Landsat scene, you will probably end up with a polygon with a ridiculous number of vertices, as the image will often have uneven edges. So experiment with the -dp-toler option in order to generalise the outline. For example, the red outline below was created with default settings, and the green with -dp-toler 10:

Trace outline example

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